National 24 Hours TT 2019

Another year, another crack at the National 24 hour Time Trial held in Wrexham. 2019 is my third consecutive year of competing in this race and I went into it feeling better than previous intentions of the race. My target this year was, to simply go further than my previous attempts.

We changed the strategy quite a lot this year, attempting to minimise the stoppage time down as much as possible with the hope that would help with the quest of attaining a further distance.

So some things to mention that have changed from previous attempts:


Every year, Emily and Jimmi at Attacus have designed an incredible skinsuit, this year’s kit, quite simply is by far the best yet.


A skinsuit that’s aerodynamic excellence is backed by multiple rounds of velodrome aero testing and wind-tunnel testing, designed with innovative endurance-focused features. It’s called the Flare.

At first glance dark and stealthy, this year’s skinsuit is engineered with our new reflective fabric to offer me greater visibility during the night section of his race.

The fabric stretches, breathes and performs just like regular lycra, but when a beam of light hits it… BAM, an instant glare from all angles.

The upper body of this suit takes on a more ‘traditional’ construction, using top end aero fabrics tailored and aero tested to make sure it’s greasy-fast. 

Inside they made sure it’s built for comfort by using their signature chamois, the same one that’s in all of their bib shorts. It’s then finished with two back pockets to help me carry the extra nutrition needed to get through his epic endurance feat.

As always a massive THANK YOU to Attacus for their continual support.


Time Trial Bike Giant Trinity

This bike is bonkers. That’s a fact. My Giant Trinity has been given a unique and bold freshen up by the legends at WM Paintworks, the paint studio of WyndyMilla. The bike is fitted out with Dura Ace Di2, and Parcours Chrono and Disc wheels. A Verve Infocrank (165mm) fitted out with Aerocoach 58/48 chainrings, a wend waxed chain, Kogel ceramic BB and SLF Motion oversized pulley system means everything spins super easy and works hyper efficiently.


Quite simply the best thing to do is watch these awesome videos from Francis Cade:

SO The final scores on the doors:


1st under 30 by 160km

13th overall

Averaged 205 watts then blew up in the last 4 hours

50km further than last year

Normalised power ended at 185 watts

717 TSS

Just short of 30,000 calories burnt

Consensus: F**KED

A few days off were needed as I was having trouble with my knee and groin during the race. Much was eaten. Little was done.

Strava below: