A Wend Wax Application Lesson with George!

A step-by-step guide to proper application of Wend chain wax with Jam Cycling MD and self-proclaimed 'best Wend Waxer in the UK' George Galbraith.

"Bought the stuff on your Black Friday sale and don't know why I have never used it before - best stuff ever. No more noisy and dirty chain. Highly recommend!"

"Great stuff. After applying - which is really easy - I noticed a smoother quieter ride within seconds of jumping in the saddle. Highly recommended."

"A product that does exactly what it says on the tin. Life changing."

Try Wend Wax now, available from HERE: https://www.jam-cycling.com/collections/wend

Métier: Rides with: Chris Hall

At Jam Cycling, we are working closely with a new technology clothing brand called Métier

Métier is: 

  • The most technical, hydrophobic fabric available, constructed with longevity in mind.

  • Dry and warm. Always.

  • Increased personal visibility with zero compromise on style.

  • Athletic fit, suitable for everything from commuting to racing.

  • 70 hours of ultra-high brightness LEDs.

Métier want to light the way in cycling innovation and performance by developing revolutionary garments that ensure you are always prepared to ride. Their mission is to elevate personal visibility to make it an integral part of every ride. There are no compromises on quality, detail or design - only an unrelenting desire to celebrate and support the freedom of cycling and cyclists everywhere.

Many people live and train in the city, but their hearts and minds are in the mountains 


Métier, a British based company, has developed the world’s first high performance road cycling garments with integrated wearable technology. The Ultra High Brightness and Ultra High Intensity LEDs on the front and rear are seamlessly bonded into the ‘ProTech’, fully water repellent, breathable, aero-fit performance fabric, to provide true three season versatility. Taking advantage of rider BioMotion (the human ability to perceive object movement by connecting a few small, individual stimuli) the Beacon collection’s LEDs mean that you’re always more visible on your bike. 

Chunky zip pulls designed for ease of use, even when wearing gloves, and three rear cargo pockets and a zipped side pocket provide ample storage. Drill/laser-cut holes at the bottom of each pocket allow rainwater to roll straight out. Graphic detailing printed in special reflective ink not only looks good, but keeps you visible in low light. 

Métier rebalances the dynamic of visibility and style. The jacket and gilet offer a great look without compromising on safety. With a clean black silhouette, the garments are as at home in the Italian Alps as they are in Soho.

Designed to be seen, the products transcend environments with ground-breaking technology.

Paul, the co-founder of Métier and I went for a ride and recorded this